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Link Building

Build a Robust Link Strategy and Boost Your Search Rankings

It’s time to take your website SEO to another level. Your on-page optimization is complete, so it’s time to focus your attention on your off-page optimization. Improve your online authority and increase your digital presence with Acquiva Internet Marketing Agency’s link building services.

It’s all connected

It’s very important for your website to have good SEO. Search engine optimization is an integral part of your website’s overall success. Link building is getting other websites to link to your website. This helps people discover your website, which increases the visibility of your website and improves the SEO of your website. Links are important to your rankings and therefore are important to your SEO. You should place an enormous amount of care and thought into where you put your links. Your link building strategies should be as thoughtful and considered as your other link development tactics. Google helps people find things on the internet. It knows what they want before they do. When it notices someone searching for something, it helps those people find exactly what they are looking for.

Measure success concept

One of the primary goals of any website is to build an audience. You can use various techniques to accomplish this goal, including gaining attention, enticing visitors to stay on your site, encouraging those visitors to share your site, and so on. One of the best known (and most abused) techniques is link building. Link building is the act of creating and propelling new relationships with authority sites. By doing this, you can diversify your traffic sources and expand your revenue streams.

The higher a site ranks on search engines, the more traffic it will receive. And the higher the quality of the website, the more visitors it will receive. Therefore, the more relevant backlinks the higher the ranking of the website. It really doesn’t matter much what kind of incoming links your website gets. The important thing is that the links are coming in.

Why Domain Authority Matters in Link Building?

Ranking scores are very important for SEO. Without them, your site is unlikely to achieve the top positions it deserves in the major search engines. That means fewer visitors and significantly lower sales. It goes from 1 to 100. The higher the DA number, the better the result. As you may have guessed, “DA” stands for “Domain Authority”. Websites with a higher DA rank will appear above the sites with lower DA rankings in the search results.

colleagues discuss work matters at a laptop and important papers in the officeThis means if your referring domains have a high “DA” they will pass on more valuable link juice to your website. Domain Authority (or perhaps “domain credibility” would be a better term) is NOT an indicator of the health of a website. Some high-ranking domains have websites with barely any content at all. Others have websites with massively misleading or simply fabricated content.

Besides having a high domain authority, you also need to check out other important metrics, such as page relevance, local search rankings and CTRs to optimize ranking capabilities of your referring domains and to build your SEO link building campaigns.

Can not execute your link building strategy? Select a trusted link building company to help you increase your links.

That’s why at Acquiva we’ve assembled an elite team of online marketing superstars who focus on one thing… helping our members crush their competition and grow their profits. That’s why we offer “ethical” link building services that will improve your vote of confidence from trustworthy websites.

Enlist Our Link Building Services and Strengthen Your SEO

Established in 1998, Alexa is one of the most reliable sources for information about the relative popularity of websites. Many website owners pay thousands of dollars to get a prime position in the rankings, which can have a dramatic impact upon the profitability of their sites. Some people believe they are above the law.

Some marketers choose to employ black hat SEO link building tactics because it’s the only tactic they know. They learned that link building is evil, and if you want to see your website rank in the top ten results on any search, you’ll have to resort to less than ethical practices. They think they can exploit any situation to their own advantage, no matter how unfair or unethical it may be.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team
Some experts believe any backlink is good, while others believe only links from high authority sites are good. Still others believe no backlinks at all are good. Link building tactics that are considered “shady”, and extremely discouraged in both SEO and general marketing. It’s not always easy to determine what makes up “good” or “bad” link building. That’s why it’s so important to only work with reputable, ethical link builders. Not doing so could get your website penalized or even banned from appearing in search results. Don’t let this be the case.

Acquiva Internet Marketing Agency is a legitimate link building agency that is dedicated to developing white hat link building strategies that are customized for your specific industry needs. Besides formulating custom link building tactics, we also create an internal SEO wireframe to maximize your website’s backlink strategy.

We have an elite group of people who work very hard to improve the ranking of our clients’ websites. Contact us now to find out all the details about how our link building service can help you succeed on the Internet. Want a free consultation? Want a free copy of our link building report?

Our link building agency also offers white label link building solutions designed to help your clients get more traffic and increase their profitability.

Our steps

structured steps

Acquiva is the most trusted eCommerce PPC marketing agency near Columbus, Ohio.


We start everything by having a real conversation with our clients and listening carefully.


Next, we create a custom plan for your specific needs to build their brand online.


Via regular check-ins to evaluate the results and adjust if needed.

SEO Link Building Services

Improve Your On-Page SEO and Increase the Traffic to Your Website

Keyword Analysis/Strategy

Link building is getting other websites to link to yours. The “link juice” these links have is like money in the bank for your website. It's a very important aspect of SEO and should never be overlooked. Our link building experts perform extensive keyword research and create a data-driven link building strategy that avoids over-optimization and gets quality backlinks. They also perform detailed competitor analysis and develop a comprehensive and relevant content strategy to outrank your competitors and attract higher-quality traffic from key referring domains.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze your competitors' backlinks and find link building opportunities for your site. After all, a competitor that is stronger is harder to compete against... and... so... we make it easier for you! We have link building experts who determine the industry relevance and link obtainability of each unique domain. Next, using the data we get from the segmentation, we create your link building strategy.

Backlink Audits

A backlink is considered “healthy” if it is from a site that is related to your site has “juicy” content and has been built up over time. It's also important to check the profile of these backlinks to make sure they are not negative. We run in-depth backlink audits to make sure your site isn’t vulnerable to link penalties. That way, we can recommend corrective actions that are specific to your website and won’t apply to other websites. We go through everything on your site, assess your link profiles, find any problematic or negative links and suggest what you should do about them. We'll file a DMCA Takedown Notice with Google and other search engines.

Outreach Service

Keep your list of referring domains clean and tidy, communicate with them often, and make sure each of them knows they're contributing to the growth of your website. We are an established link building company that helps websites increase their search engine ranking by getting other sites to link to them. Our team has developed robust relationships with webmasters, bloggers, publishers, journalists and industry leaders and can offer unique and highly effective link building services. We identify your target markets, evaluate the credibility of related websites, and determine the most profitable ones for you. Then we create a publishing website with the most appealing market research findings.

Guest Posts

The best way to get "hits" on your website or online product is to have people read your content and then share it with their friends. That's why our link building agency creates unique, engaging, and information-rich content on websites where your prospective customers hang out. Then, we submit those articles to the sites, and also to the social networks the customers use most often. This process gets your brand message in front of a broader audience scope, and it also helps to increase the "passionate quotient" of your customers.

Niche Edits

One of the most important aspects of link building is "nudging" your links into high authority articles which have already been indexed by the major search engines. That's where your anchor text comes into play. We look for sites that are already established, with lots of content, and we ask them if we can publish an authoritative, contextual backlink to their existing content. Our link building company only does white hat (or "pure" or "ethical") niche edits and we guarantee all your inbound links are earned. That means other link builders won't want to exchange links with you, and your competitors won't be able to use the links you receive from us to boost their rankings.

Brand Mentions

You'll discover a lot of new backlinks if you help your readers link to your website. They'll get to read your informative content, see your featured products, and discover related websites and blogs that have referenced you. We do thorough research to discover all unlinked mentions of your website or brand. We then talk with the webmaster or website owner to make sure we have his permission to create the links and send a personalized email to each webmaster, which explains the added value of linking to your site. This technique is one of the best ways to get high-quality back links and to build long-term relationships.

Broken Link Recovery

Broken link building is a method of replacing links to “dead-end” web pages (links that point to a web page that does not exist or is no longer available) with links that lead to other pages on your site that are still live and helpful. High-quality backlinks are the lifeblood of a search engine optimization campaign. This tactic is an easy way to skyrocket the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. We identify un-populated websites with lots of relevant backlinks, develop or repurpose content that fills those holes and then, we outreach to the site owners to ask if we can place a link to our content from their site.

Sponsorship Campaign

Sponsoring local events is a great way to increase visibility locally and get noticed more easily. At Acquiva, we have the best link-building service to connect your brand with grassroots campaigns and get your product or service in front of your local target market. We utilize native advertising (sometimes called branded content) to build your brand, get more mentions, increase your visibility and broaden your audience's reach.

Digital Press Release (PR)

Your brand message can be amplified with the best link building service. Our link building agency creates highly linkable assets to promote your brand across digital platforms. In order to get your content in front of the right audience, we develop your key message, create your content roadmap, and collaborate with authority publishers.

White Label Blogger Outreach

Learn exactly what kind of link building you need to increase the visibility of your website or product in the search engines. You’ll discover which types of high-quality, authoritative content are the best links to build. The three primary goals of our white label link building package are to secure relevant, sustainable backlinks, improve your client’s search engine rankings and generate leads. Besides promoting your clients’ content on authority sites and providing brandable white label link reports, we also search for sites that are interested in linking to your client.

The Best Link Building Service For Your Business

It’s easier to get referrals from people who have heard of you or your website and know they can trust you.

To properly optimize a website for search engines, you have to know about referring domains. That’s because some referrers will give you a higher position in the search engine rankings than others. If you are running a link building campaign, you must make sure the links you are gaining are from various websites that are considered being trustworthy and authoritative.

As the saying goes, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” In other words, the bigger and more comprehensive the challenge you’ve got, the better prepared you’ll be. Likewise, the more linking domains driving backlinks to your website, the more traffic you gain.

One of the biggest mistakes an online marketer can make is to ignore the importance of link popularity. That’s why at Acquiva we use advanced link building tools and strategies to assess your backlink profiles and determine the most effective ways to get higher value referring domains. We offer comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO services that include referring domain report assessment, competitor benchmarking, customized link building package development, content analysis, and content marketing. Our SEO team works closely with our link building team to create a link building strategy that is most likely to increase the visibility of your website and produce profitable results for you. 

White Label Link Building Solutions

Positive results from custom campaigns.

With driving organic traffic, little is more important than getting backlinks. However, there is a lot to consider when building backlinks. Backlinks should be relevant and they should be of high quality. If not, they can actually work against you. To get the most out of your backlink building efforts, you need to know what types of links you should look for, how to get them and what to do with them once you get them.

Running a digital marketing agency isn’t always easy. There are several tasks involved, including a technical SEO audit, performing a keyword research, developing content, analyzing metadata, and conversion rate optimization (CRO), among others. You also have to build client relationships, and as a general rule, drive more sales. 

That’s where we come in. Acquiva’s link building packages are established on proven SEO strategies that deliver more traffic and higher rankings. We have combined our experience and knowledge with the latest SEO techniques to create a comprehensive and easy-to-use SEO package. Our link building services are perfect for anyone who needs a basic or advanced link building campaign. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve already got a website and just need some extra help, our packages will take your website to the next level. 

Hire the experts. Outsource your SEO link building to Acquiva. We’ve been building links to high authority sites for years and can get the job done for you and your clients.

Our white label link building partnership lets you create your own white labeled affiliate website and receive a percentage of all sales generated by your web traffic. With our ongoing training and support, you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

A 100% white-label service. Your clients won’t know that these are our links unless you choose to tell them. This will give you the ability to test and tweak your campaigns with no risk to your P&L. Upload your orders, choose your desired DA and see your backlinks go live. With Acquiva’s white label link building service, you get:

Hire our link building company to do the “dirty work” while you focus on making more sales and building stronger client relationships.

Why Choose Acquiva For Your Link Building Services

How To Get It All – Building A Sustainable Organic Growth Pattern And Achieve Your Goals

Acquiva Internet Marketing is your partner for all your digital marketing needs. No matter what form of marketing you’re doing or plan to do, Acquiva will be your “go to” agency for all your needs. We offer a full-suite of link building services that will put your website on the top of the list when someone does a web search. Those services include link building, content marketing, email marketing, social media, and everything else needed to take your link building to the next level. Here’s what you can expect from our link building service: 


We read your website and determine what's working and what's not. After we've identified the most profitable product categories for your website, we review your website to determine your top-performing pages, identify content gaps, find and fix broken links, and lay out your link building strategy. We leverage analytics to come up with link building solutions that will make your website more valuable. A/B testing can then implemented to compare the results of two different approaches to solving a problem or reaching an objective for your client. It's an extremely useful tool for website optimizers. This can bring in more traffic and more sales.


One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when they are thinking about link building is to focus on black hat (or unethical) link building techniques. That kind of tactic can have a serious negative impact on your website via Google penalties and rankings. At Acquiva, we only work with ethical websites and our search engine optimization experts have our client's best interests at heart. We establish clear guidelines and use common sense to make sure all parties involved are putting the work of achieving the best possible results. We evaluate the quality of your links to ensure they apply to your site and to rank your site for relevant keywords.


We make sure we gear all the aspects of your link building package towards driving as much traffic to your website as possible. That means your links are relevant, and they point to websites that apply to your website’s content and inbound to relevant content. We have a team of people who specialize in link building. They'll establish your objectives, develop your assets, search for relevant link targets and launch a link building campaign for you. We make sure we set your website up to capture maximum qualified traffic from all the major search engines. We will set your site up to maximize your website's potential to make you money.


We craft all our link building packages with your quality standards in mind. That means you get 100% all new, unique, high-quality backlinks every time. Our collaborative link building team works with your project managers to brainstorm and create digital marketing tactics that will grow your business. There's no reason to delay. Call our link building company right away. We'll get your campaign off and running. You get the idea. A rewrite will take your original text and change it to something more concise and more powerful.


Acquiva's SEO link builders have been using only ethical and legal methods to build high-quality backlinks for clients for more than a decade. We know how to build a firm foundation for your brand and promote your content on different online platforms. That means a stronger presence for your website and, ultimately, a higher conversion rate. They have tons of experience and are extremely skilled at building links. Our team knows web development inside and out. They have a firm grasp on the rules and regulations that govern website promotion. With making websites profitable, we are the experts. 


After analyzing your website and competitors, we craft an SEO strategy to raise your website's visibility in search engines. Our goal is to make your website more visible in search engines, so your organic traffic will increase. Using keyword research, we analyze your site to make sure it is focused on the right keywords, and using backlink analysis, we check to see if there are any link problems that might prevent you from reaching your full traffic potential. 

Data-Driven SEO Link Building Solutions

Protect the integrity of your website by using link building services from a reputable, certified white hat link builder.

We Do More Than Just Link Building

Having a solid Link Building strategy is only one aspect of your digital marketing plan. If you have a great website, but no one knows about it, your website won’t generate sales. You need to have an SEO strategy in place to get more people to visit your website and stay there. 

Create more reliable leads that are more likely to become customers.

You can improve your visibility by increasing brand recognition and awareness. Find out how you may get discovered by your clients so that they will be more aware of your services.

We can help you get the most out of digital marketing by providing you with all-encompassing services that extend beyond eCommerce SEO.

Our web experts can help you develop a new website from scratch. We have the resources to develop sites for any purpose and in any language.

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